Entrepreneurial local association for consultation „FER+PLUS“ Feričanci, which in its area of activity contains social work,  has seen a common problem in rural areas including Feričanci and surrounding places. The problem is higher unemployment rate caused by poorer competitiveness on labor market and low level of education in women. What is not unusual in this society is that women are housewifes and men are having regular jobs. This way of life is contributing to less educated women who are often excluded in social activities. Besides numerous social issues like poverty, unemployment also lowers the quality of life. People neglect their physical and mental health, they start to age prematurely and are often not part of public spheres.  What is stated here is confirmed by statistical data on county level, including municipality Feričanci, which are in complete correlation with national data.

20 women from municipality Feričanci have been employed with this project and 120 users have been given the support that they needed. People over 65 years are in poorest age group considering the income and are also more likely to be socially excluded.

employed women
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Name of the project: Make a wish and help Feričanci!

Project contract number: UP.

Project program: Operational program effective human resources 2014-2020

Fund: European Social Fund

Carrier: Entrepreneurial local association for consultation „FER+PLUS“ Feričanci

Project partners: Center for social care Našice and Croatian employment bureau, district office Osijek

Project implementation period: from 18.6.2020. to 18.12.2021.

Total value  of project: 1. 857. 300, 00 kn

Co-financing of project: 85% resources from European social fund, 15% from Croatian state budget

Objective and expected results of the project:
The goal of this project is to improve the quality of life of end users, ie the elderly and disadvantaged people by providing them with support and making their daily lives easier. Also, the project provided access to the labor market for 20 women, members of the target group, for a period of 12 months. Employed women are also provided with education in order to be more competitive on the labor market upon completion of the project.


Back to school

Back to school On April 16, 2021, the training program for our employees began, of which 15 are attending a course for geronto-housewives, and 5

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