Entrepreneurial local association for consultation „FER+PLUS“ Feričanci, which in its area of activity contains social work,  has seen a common problem in rural areas including Feričanci and surrounding places. The problem is higher unemployment rate caused by poorer competitiveness on labor market and low level of education in women. What is not unusual in this society is that women are housewifes and men are having regular jobs. This way of life is contributing to less educated women who are often excluded in social activities. Besides numerous social issues like poverty, unemployment also lowers the quality of life. People neglect their physical and mental health, they start to age prematurely and are often not part of public spheres.  What is stated here is confirmed by statistical data on county level, including municipality Feričanci, which are in complete correlation with national data.

20 women from municipality Feričanci have been employed with this project and 120 users have been given the support that they needed. People over 65 years are in poorest age group considering the income and are also more likely to be socially excluded. 

Osječko-baranjska county has a very high unemployment rate and so does municipality Feričanci. In that municipality most of the unemployed are women. The highest percentage of them have an education in high school and lower. Osječko-baranjska county is in top 3 counties  with highest unemployment rate in Croatia.

Entrepreneurial local association for consultation „FER+PLUS“ Feričanci enabled employment  (in duration of 12 months) for 20 women with this project.  This project helps users who are of old age, sick and in need by making their quality of life better and also, by providing employment for women, help them with their self esteem and self value. Project is conducted in Osječko-baranjska county , municipality Feričanci which contains of 4 villages – 2 of them Gazije and Valenovac are on hillside area and most of the population are seniors.

Education and professional development will be enabled to the employed women according to their wishes and in accordance with the information of labor market needs. This will result in increase of employment and women will acquire needed professional skills.

Association will achieve better life quality of users (who are of old age, sick and in need) by implementing this project. Support is provided for 120 users – people who are over 65 years are in poorest age group considering the income and are also more likely to be socially excluded.

Project lasts for 18 months. Help and support for elderly and those in need will be given during the period of 12 months.

Employed women will be provided with eudcation coducted by institutions that have the necessary authorization and permits for education (theoretical and practical part of teaching in the field of care and nursing of the elderly and those in need).

employed women
months of work


help in delivering groceries, medicines and other supplies

help with preparing food in households of the users

help with cleaning the household

help with washing and ironing clothes

help with personal hygiene

help with paying the bills

giving support to users through conversations

including the user in social activities by being their company and help in gatherings