Opening conference for project „Make a wish and help Feričanci“ has been held

After successfully conducted first phase of the project „Make a wish“ in muinicipality Feričanci , there has been an introductory conference regarding the second phase of the project „Make a wish and help Feričanci“ held in community hall in Vučjak Feričanački. It is about a programme built for employing women which is led by association „FER+PLUS“ from Feričanci. Like he stated in the introductory speech, the president of listed association and project manager Domagoj Marinić, total value of the project is 1. 857. 300,00 kn.

85% of total amount is co funded by European union using the funds from European social fund, and 15% of total amount is used from Croatian state budget.

During the 12 month period 20 women are employed alongside with project leader, manager and administrative worker. This women will care for 120 users. Project leader Valentina Knežević showed the employees their activitiy plan after which the contracts have been signed.

Everyone that has been present was greeted by mayor of municipality Feričanci Marko Knežević.He wished luck and success to everyone included in the project.

Source: Radio Našice