Završen je projekt „Zaželi i pomozi Feričancima!“

With the month of September, we came to the end of the project “Wish and help the people of Feričanci”, at least this visible and most important part of the project, which is to provide assistance to the needy residents of our municipality. Namely, the project employs 20 women members of the target group from the Municipality of Feričanci, who during the project provided support to a total of 120 end users in the Municipality.

At the final conference, the project coordinator presented to the interested parties the results and implementation of project activities and it was emphasized that all project objectives have been achieved, in the following order:

  • strengthen and improve the work potential of hard-to-employ women and women with lower levels of education, employment in the local community, and mitigate the consequences of their unemployment and the risk of poverty.
  • encourage social inclusion and increase the quality of life of end users.

The daily life of the program was made easier for the end users by providing them with assistance in performing daily activities. In addition, it made life easier for people in difficult life situations by purchasing a package of hygiene supplies, and contributed to their social integration. As a result, the quality of life of the beneficiaries has also increased, and constant contact with geronto housewives has led to friendships that will last much longer than the Project itself.

As far as employed women are concerned, from the unfavorable position on the labor market, due to age and education, after leaving the project activities, through the implementation of education, ie training, they have become more competitive. Some of them trained as geronto-housewives, while some chose a German language course. During the education, members of the target group acquired new knowledge and skills.

The association “FER + PLUS”, as the holder of the Project, has recognized the importance and will strive to continue with the same activities, in the opportunities that are available. Certainly, in the near future we hope for a new, next phase of this commendable project.